Olio Pace, juice of Puglia.

Typical italian Brine Green Olives – Jar 300 gr


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The Brine Green Olives made by Frantoio Pace Leone are farmed in our own farm. They are selected among the varieties “Leccina” and “Termite di Bitetto” typical of the South-East zone of Bari, in Puglia.

After 6 months of careful fermentation and ripening in brine they can be eaten. Thanks to the aromatic herbs, which are also cultivated in our farm, they have a distinctive flavour and smell that makes them particularly appetizing.

They contain:

  • vitamins: B1, B2, PP and Pro-vitamin A;
  • mineral salts: sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron.


  • gluten-free product;
  • they can be eaten as a starter or an afternoon appetizer;
  • not suitable for those suffering from high blood pressure.


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