Olio Pace, juice of Puglia.

Extra virgin olive oil N° 1910 100% ITALIAN – Cold pressed method – Bag-in-Box 1.5 lt


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What is EVO oil N° 1910 and its origins

Our new 19/10 label has been designed to honour our ancestors, the founders of Pace Oil Mill in 1910.

The drawing on it represents the portrait of our olive oil mill’s founding father, Madio Paolo Pace. Thanks to him, and through the following generations, we are now able to still produce our much appreciated extra virgin olive oil using the same traditional system in his own old mansion.

And, thanks to the love for our land and our hundred-old passion for extra virgin olive oil, the Puglia Region has awarded our Oil Mill as “Heritage of Puglia” , being a traditional artisan workshop.


Classification: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO), made of olives grown and processed in Italy.

Cultivar: mainly Coratina, Oliastra, Cima di Mola, Simone, Cima di Melfi, Leccino, Pecholine, Nociara varieties.

Colour: yellow/green with golden hues.

Scent: aromatic hints, typical of fresh oils with notes of almond and ripe fruit.

Taste: balanced in its components, it has a sweet but delicate base, appreciated by most palates.

Food pairings: perfect to enhance all dishes, both raw and cooked, or to season delicate fish or white meat dishes and cooked vegetables.

Packaging: bag-in-box 1,5 lt.

I vantaggi del bag in box:
1. protegge l’olio dall’aria e quindi dall’ossidazione per tutta la durata della conservazione;
2. protegge l’olio dagli sbalzi termici grazie alla scatola contenitrice di cartone che forma una sorta di camera d’aria intorno al sacchetto in cui è contenuto l’olio;
3. elimina gli sprechi, l’olio si spilla fino all’ultima goccia!
4. pratico, maneggevole e completamente riciclabile.

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