Olio Pace, juice of Puglia.

Natural dressing based on lemon-flavoured EVO oil – Cold pressed method – Box of 3 x 0.5 lt Glass bottles


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Natural extra virgin Italian olive oil and lemon dressing obtained by cold pressing a blend of olive varieties – Cima di Mola, Simone, Oliastro, Cellina di Nardò, Leccino, Cima di Melfi – and fresh local lemons.

Classification: natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO) and lemon dressing, made of olives and lemons grown and processed in Italy.

Cultivar: mainly Oliastra, Cima di Mola, Simone, Cima di Melfi, Leccino, Pecholine, Nociara olive varieties.

Colour: yellow with golden hues.

Scent: fresh and citrus notes.

Taste: soft and fresh taste with a particular lemon peel finish.

Food pairings: versatile dressing, perfect for different dishes to add a fresh touch and lemon taste. Excellent to season salads, fish and sea fruit, pasta and risotto dishes and for all types of marinades.

Packaging: elegant box of 3 glass bottles – 0,5 lt.

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