Olio Pace, juice of Puglia.

Hand cream with EVO oil – 50ml


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A rich texture cream, indicated for dry skins and/or for highly sensitive hands which must be protected from strong detergents, winter cold or extended manual labors that might cause chappings and dry hands.

Organic cosmetic line certified by ICEA.
Without petroleum derivatives, parabens, GMOs, raw materials harmful to humans and polluting the environment.

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Size: 50 ml

Applicare sulla zona di interesse pulita ed asciutta una quantità adeguata di prodotto, stendere e massaggiare fino ad assorbimento.

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Olio extra-vergine d’oliva BIO, Propoli, Cera d’api, Allantoina, Vitamina E acetato, Olio essenziale di Lavanda BIO.

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