Italian Baby Artichokes in Extra Virgin Oil: traditional recipe - Frantoio Pace
Baby Artichokes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 200 gr
26 April 2016
Eggplants in Extra Virgin Olive oil: traditional recipe - Frantoio Pace
Eggplants in Extra Virgin Olive oil – 200gr
26 April 2016
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Tassel Hyacinths in Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 200gr

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The Lampascioni, known in English as tassel hyacinths, are wild onions which spontaneously grow in Puglia. They have a slightly bitter taste and a great nutritional value. Moreover, they have a diuretic effect  and no contraindications. Since their high consumption, we directly import them from North Africa. They are eventually replanted in our farms, for at least 6 months, in order to give them the typical taste of the variety from Puglia. Finally, they are harvested, handcrafted, cleaned one by one and the best onion bulbs are selected to be cooked, seasoned and put in oil.

Important information: Gluten-free product.

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Taste them as they are or as an appetizer or as a side dish.

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