Lemon-Scented Extra Virgin Olive Oil Seasoning – Box of 3 x 0.50 Litre – Glass bottle
14 September 2015
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Delicate taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 0.50 Litre – Glass bottle

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Delicate taste extra virgin olive oil obtained from the cold pressing process of a mix of olives: 70% of Cima di Mola, Simone, Oliastro, Cellina di Nardò, Leccino and Cima di Melfi cultivars and the remaining 30% of Coratina cultivar. Low acidity.

Type: extra virgin olive oil, produced in Italy from olives grown in Italy
Cultivars: Coratina, Oliastra, Cima di Mola, Simone, Cima di Melfi, Leccino, Pecholine, Nociara
Colour: yellowish green with golden glares
Scent: aromatic smell typical of fresh oils with an almond and ripe fruit fragrance
Taste: well-balanced in its components with a sweet and delicate flavour, appreciated by the majority of palates
goccia-gialla Bottle: glass 0.50 liter

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Food pairing: Suited for all kinds of dishes to flavour even the lightest dish without covering the other tastes

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