Sun-dried tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil made according to a traditional recipe - Vecchio Frantoio Pace
Dried tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive oil – 200gr
26 April 2016
Delicate Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0.5 Litre - Aluminium bottle - Vecchio Frantoio Pace
Delicate Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 0.50 Litre – Aluminium bottle
16 March 2017
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Intense Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 0.50 Litre – Aluminium bottle

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Extra virgin olive oil with an intense fruity flavour obtained from Coratina olives through the cold pressing process.


Type: extra virgin olive oil, produced in Italy from olives grown in Italy

Cultivar: 100% Coratina

Acidity: 0,2 – 0,3

Colour: Dark green

Scent: rich, intense, fresh grass smell with a fragrance of artichokes and tomatoes

Flavour: thanks to the significant amounts of polyphenols and vitamin E, it offers fruity notes releasing a well-balanced mixture of spicy and bitter flavours appreciated by those who prefer strong tastes

Food pairing: Suited to enrich dishes in which the oil flavour must stand out from the tastes of the other ingredients

goccia-gialla Bottle: aluminium 0.50 liter

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