Intense taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 12 Litres – 4 x 3 Litre tin can
31 October 2020
Olio EVO sapore leggero, 5 lt - Bag in Box - Zero Sprechi - Frantoio Leone Pace - Olio dal 1910
Delicate taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil N° 1910 – 15 Litres – 3 x 5 liters Bag in Box
29 October 2021
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Delicate taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil N° 1910 – 5 Litres Bag in Box

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What is the EVO Oil N °1910 and the origins

Together with our grandparents, in 1910 the Pace family produced the first extra virgin olive oil, using cultivars typical of our land. Everything stemmed from the need to mill the olives produced in the family fields.
That’s why we name it “N° 1910”: a selection of extra virgin olive oil extracted only from indigenous cultivars of Castellana Grotte, the land of the historic olive groves of the family, the seat of our mill.

Delicate taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil N° 1910 is obtained by cold pressing of Pizzuta and Simone olive cultivars.


The advantages of the bag in box:
1. protects the oil from the air and therefore from oxidation for the entire duration of storage;
2. protects the oil from thermal changes thanks to the cardboard containing box that forms a sort of air chamber around the bag in which the oil is contained;
3. eliminates waste, the oil is tapped to the last drop!
4. practical, handy and completely recyclable.


Type: extra virgin olive oil, produced in Italy from olives grown in Italy in the ancient countryside of the Pace family in Castellana Grotte (BA).
Cultivars: Pizzuta and Simone.
Colour: yellowish green with golden glares.
Scent: aromatic smell typical of fresh oils with an almond and ripe fruit fragrance.
Taste: unique and well-balanced in its components with a sweet and delicate flavour, appreciated by the majority of palates.
goccia-gialla Can: 5 litres bag in box


Food pairing: Suited for all kinds of dishes to flavour even the lightest dish without covering the other tastes

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