Intense Taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0.5 Litre - Glass bottle - Frantoio Pace
Intense Taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 0.50 Litre – Glass bottle
8 June 2018
Organic Hand Cream with EVO Oil - Sensitive hands - Frantoio Leone Pace - Oil since 1910 - Frantoio Pace - Olive Miller
Hand cream with EVO Oil 50ml
9 June 2018
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Body cream with EVO Oil 200ml

 19,99 (VAT included)

Organic Body Cream with rich and enveloping touch; indicated for dry skin due to the high content of softening and hydrating ingredients. The fresh citrus scent helps to complete the pleasantness of the product.

Organic cosmetic line certified by ICEA.
Without petroleum derivatives, parabens, GMOs, raw materials harmful to humans and polluting the environment.

Discover our Organic Cosmetic Line with Extra Virgin Olive Oil!


Assure the interested area is clean and dry and apply an adequate quantity of the product on the surface, then spread and rub the cream well in.